Sauerbraten-OSX: Sauerbraten for Mac OS X

Sauerbraten-OSX is a port of the open source Sauerbraten 3D first person shooter engine to Mac OS X. As of version 0.1 everything works, but since it's still in development there isn't much you can do. It gets pretty good performace: about 35-70fps on a 500MHz G4 with Radeon 7000 PCI video card and about 200-400fps on a Dual 2.0GHz G5 with Radeon 9600 video card.

The most apparent thing that makes Sauerbraten better than Cube is its support for multiple layers of environment, rather than just one. If you want to play a game, download Cube-OSX. If you want to develop a FPS, download Sauerbraten-OSX.

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2004-05-16 - CVS update

-just a quick sync with the official Sauerbraten CVS resp

2004-04-14 - version 0.1

-initial release

How to get Sauerbraten-OSX to work

download files from here:
NB: the base package is not needed anymore!

1. Download the newest sauerbraten-osx package.
2. Doubleclick on sauerbraten-osx in the build folder. Enjoy.

How to compile

1. Download the newest sauerbraten-osx package.
2. Double-click on sauerbraten-osx.pbproj. You might have to change the name of the folder/reinclude all the files to get it to work. My compile tree is in ~/sauerbraten-osx/ which might help.
3. Hack. Fix stuff.
4. Send .diffs to timdoug {at} users [d0t] sourceforge (d0t) net.
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